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Request an Account

In order to use local computing resources the user must have an account on one of the Users Interface (UI).
The account can be created by sending an email (signed with a valid x509 digital certificate) to , users can also request an account using the ticketing system at this link (Use the category "Account Request").

At the present User Interfaces are: (equipped with a GPU)

NOTE that the access on these server is allowed only from INFN and Accademic network.

There is also a mailing list of the Cluster used by the Administrators to send important message to the users (notifications of scheduled downtime, hardware and software updates, etc....) .
The subscription to the list is strongly recommended.

Change User Password

User can change his password clicking on this link:

Note that a valid x509 certificate must be installed on the browser.

Usage Computing Resources

Local resources
GRID resources


Help Desk and Ticket System

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