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The Roma 3 Cluster is part of National GRID Infrastructure (IGI)

IGI is part of the European Grid Infrastructure named EGI together with many European National Grid Initiatives (NGIs). NGIs are "legal organizations, supported by governments, and providing a unique representation at the European and international levels for all the communities related to national grid infrastructures: from resources providers to scientific users" [EGI_DS Blueprint].

It offers more than 16000 computing cores and storage resources distributed across more than 50 computing centres all over Italy.

Information of the INFN-ROMA3 site in the grid are published in GSTAT tools in the EGI grid:

An overview of the status of the European Grid is published in MYEGI
The repository of European Grid Infrastructure is avalaible and managed through the GOCDB

The accounting statistic for Italian grid are avalaible at accounting-next.egi

INFN Sezione di Roma Tre - Dipartimento di Matematica e Fisisca via della Vasca Navale 84 00146 Roma